Kairi 3 months

This blogpost is a to-do-list from 3-6 months. I’ll upload some videos and training tipps in the next weeks.

1. Our main goal/aim is to get to know the world. See and meet different people, dogs, animals, surroundings, buildings and Kairi is doing a really good job. It’s so important that dogs learn to be confident on unknown environments. So we are having city walks 2-3x per week and just watch children playing in the park, sit and relax on benches, take the bus and play at different places.

Tipp 1: If you have a confident grown-up dog, let your grown-up dog join for the first walks. It’s amazing how much dogs can learn through observation. But have the same amount of “lonely” walks that the puppy is not getting too dependent of the “big sister/brother”. Enjoy some quality time alone with your puppy.

2. Playing, playing and playing. This includes tugging, sending the pup to dead toy, chasing and retrieving.

Tipp 2: Use different toys and combine with city walks.

3. Shaping – I don’t know what but we will see what we get. 😂

4. Self-control. This is really important for me, especially when it comes to every day life due to safety reasons. I don‘t want my dogs to jump out of the car, out of the door, running to dogs/people/food and endangering themselves our other people/dogs. That’s maybe why this is the most important life lesson for the time being.

Tipp 3: Introduce a release cue as soon as possible and BE CONSISTENT. Inconsistency makes every task hard to understand – not very fair. ☝️

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