Quarantine Homework 1

I hope all of you are safe and healthy and staying home in those Corona virus times. As a doctor working in the emergency room and ambulance I know how scary such a situation can be. Please stay home and keep distance to each other to protect yourself and the weakest of our society. Staying home and being healthy is the most important measure to support the health care system. Being antisocial has never been so social. Being isolated/in quarantine means sacrificing a lot quality of life but restrictions in short time will give us back our freedom in the long run.

I know many of you are permitted from work or self employed which leads to a difficult economic situation. Many of you are excluded from agility training, agility halls or closed, competitions and seminars are cancelled – and nobody knows for how long and the most of us are in the same boat.

In the next weeks – as long as Europe is in a quarantine situation – I’ll try to post weekly puppy/agility foundation challenges you can train at home with minimal space. This are things I am training with Kairi at the moment (if my work allows some time for puppytraining). Let’s make the best of this situation and help each other, have some fun and entertain/exercise our dogs.

Holding objects – Kairi wasn’t that comfortable with the bottle falling down on her feet. I’ll try to find an object which is a little bit lighter and doesn’t make that much sound. 🙂
Cleaning up – Start with a really light object like a pen and reward for showing interest to the object. Have a bowl in the near and reward with throwing the reward into the bowl. Jackpot reward every step closer to the bowl. Try different objects and bowl afterwards. 🙂

Have fun and just write in the comments if you have questions or suggestions! 🙂