DIY Yummie treats

Since Halli wasn’t much into food or treats when he was a puppy I had to try something else. This is a recipe for easy dog treats I got from a friend I would like to share.

What you need:
2 packages grounded chicken
2 eggs
2dl potato starch
2dl oats
1,5 dl water

Mix all ingredients together in a cooking machine or by hand. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Put it in a bread pan and bake it one hour with 175°C.
After you took it out of the oven let it cool down. You can also wait a day. Cut it in small pieces, use it fresh, freeze it or put them in a drying machine.

First weeks with Tadaa

Tadaa has been in our family for three weeks now. I’m already in love with this funny little girl. She is really polite with our other dogs, happy for meeting new people and loves to play with Halli.

During the days we focus on getting a bond, as this is most important for me. We do this with a lot of playing, some clicker training and a lot of cuddeling. Tadaa is a confident little girl who likes to go her own ways. So here we have our main focus for now. Call-ins and letting her know that I’m fun too 😉

Hello Kairi 🐱

As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was going to happen.

Your Adventure of Summergarden (Choice x Hunni)

After all those years waiting for a puppy and another long 15 weeks, she is finally home. Kairi, the longest awaited pup ever. She came all the way from Austria and I want to thank her breeders, Manuela and Tamara, and the owner of the father, Iida, for making my dream come true. Looking so forward to our future. Welcome, little Kairi! 💖